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A complete range of white filter crepe paper grades from 55 to 180 gsm, white filter boards from 250 to 650 gsm and carbon added boards for different filtration purposes such as: automotive, medical, laboratory, industrial, food and beverage, chemical, galvanic etc..

FAP Coffee capsules

A perfect combination of lightness and resistance is making this crepe paper grade the ideal product to obtain the best result, enhancing both aroma and looking of your coffee made with capsules. Trust in our products as shown by biggest coffee capsules manufacturers is for us the best way to let you know about the quality of our products.

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Oil and liquid filtration

White crepe  papers grades for filtration by means of Filterpresses of Olive Oils, Sunflower and various Seeds, Wine and liquids in general. In this process, the use of paper placed as a protection of the filter cloth significantly lengthens the intervals of time at the end of which it is necessary to wash the cloth, resulting in a reduction of the production stops and consequently in a cost reduction, too.

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Diesel filters Cartridges (CAV)

White filter crepe paper grades used in the production of CAV Filter Cartridges.

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Filter boards

White Filter Boards used for filtration purposes.

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Galvanic carbon board

Black, carbon added filter boards.

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