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Crepe papers in different weights from 90 to 140 gsm for industrial applications, such as sewing process of open mouth  bags, protective packaging,  protection of aluminum profiles, "interlayer" support to separate laminated metals.

Sewing open mouth bag

With a grammage of  90 and 130 gr/m2, crepe paper is used for sewing open-mouth bags for the packaging of premixes and food in the Breeding Industry, chemicals, Milk Powder and many others. Thanks to its elasticity, the use of crepe paper, contributes to an optimal closure of the holes generated by the sewing process, and avoids the penetration inside the bag of contaminating agents. Available white, brown and coloured. Print of Company’s Logo available on demand.

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Pallets’ protection

Crepe paper grades used for packaging/protecting pallets during transportation.

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